2020 Junior Rep Update

Along with most other things in the world during the current pandemic, Rocky Touch has been forced into a holding pattern and sport will most likely be among the last restrictions to be lifted.

Due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, events have been cancelled for the foreseeable future.  The event cancellation that has impacted most heavily on all of our players, coaches, supporters etc is the Junior State Cup and particularly our boys and girls turning 18 this year who would have been participating at JSC for their last time.  Some have been attending since they were 8 or 9 and are pretty devastated in not being able to contest this one last time.  Though it is possible restrictions may be lifted by July, the massive lead in preparations that would have been required for everything to be ready meant QTF had no alternative.

It is our intention (notwithstanding any unforseen circumstances)  that the Red Rooster Junior Carnival for individual teams (not rep) will go ahead in early November as usual and CQ Touch is intending to go ahead with their Junior Championships as soon as able following lifting of restrictions.  Gladstone has not confirmed whether their Hogs Breath Cup will be rescheduled either.  Once the events and formats are finalised, we will make sure our teams are ready to compete.

Our U10 Girls’ squad did not have sufficient sessions this year to enable Kurt to select teams but should the U10 divisions be included at the CQ Junior Champs, we will hold training/selection sessions to enable us to enter U10 Girls teams into the event/s.

We thank you all for your patience and understanding during this very strange time in our lives.  Its been very new to everyone. We hope you are all doing ok and finding ways to stay busy, active and healthy.   Hopefully it won’t be too long now before we can all get back out to the fields.