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The draw for Red Rooster Junior Carnival is finally complete.  Please download a copy from the link at the bottom of this item.  We also require everyone to read and circulate the Bulletin to ensure they are aware of all COVID and other measures we have put in place for this event.  It is imperative that all requirements are met and so please circulate to everyone who will be involved with your team here on this weekend.  The format we have had to implement separates divisions into two sessions so that numbers can be managed.  Unfortunately, doing it this way means there will be a decrease in the number of round games but the situation is beyond our control.  We hope everyone can understand the circumstances and hopefully, next year will be back to the familiar format.

There will be NO Managers meeting so we ask that everyone ensure team registration sheets are submitted (with full details of all players) along with any outstanding fees before their first game.  If you need to withdraw your team for any reason please contact Denise’s mobile as early as possible (NO EMAILS).

As per Bulletin (2), we will be very strict on everyone who is not playing to CHECK IN.  Check In and sanitisation stations will be placed around the perimeter of the complex at every field manned by marshals to ensure everyone’s information is captured.  Everyone will be supplied with a wrist band once checked in and anyone not wearing one at any time during the day will be asked to either check in or leave.   Strict privacy of all information taken is assured.

Please consider whether you will need to erect a tent if you will only be here for one of the sessions each day.  Perhaps your group can find a shady spot to camp?  Tents can of course be erected, however, there will be areas allocated and they must be placed 1.5m apart unless from one family group.  Additional tent areas will be available at the soccer grounds just inside the bollards and just outside bollards beside F8.  Please avoid cramming tents into the area at the end of the rotundas – thank you.

Bulletin 2

Draw V3 Red Rooster 2020.

This new version of the draw affects 17B (round 3 at 5.30 Saturday) along with one 12B game at 12.30pm on Saturday  (moving game from F11 to F4).  Please excuse spelling mistakes.

Red Rooster Team Registration Form

Field Layout – U6 U8 U10 incl

This field map does not show F11 which is the second field over at the soccer grounds

Rocky Touch Check In Out Eva November

Download the check in/out code – open the camera on your phone and scan the code (don’t take a photo) – click on the box that appears at the top of your screen – it will open the app in safari – complete the details for each of your family who will be attending Red Rooster – this will check you in so don’t forget to scan the code again on completion to check out – now you will be prepared for a quick check in when you arrive at the fields on Saturday and Sunday.  If anyone has problems, we will have marshals to take your details on a hardcopy attendance sheet (privacy guaranteed).  I’m not sure if anyone who uses this app at another sport will need to set up again in this code so please make sure you go through the process to make sure.