Junior Player Registration

Player Registration

There are 2 ways for players to register for their teams and all players need to register online:

  1. Receive the link via email from the person organising the team registration. Go to the page, click on the team and press register. You will need to create or sign in to an nrl account (If it takes you to nrl.com after logging in, try the steps again). Click on your current profile, fill in the details and continue to payment.
  2. Go to https://profile.mysideline.com.au/  and type your team name in the search bar. Then it will be same steps to above.

It will be necessary to pay the season fees of $75 per player when each player registers during the registration process online.

Any new players who have not found a team check the club/link page and see if there are any club teams to join if not please message 0409631633 or email admin@rockytouch.com and once the team nominations are finalised we will try and find you a team to join.

Junior Dual Registration Friday Night/ Sat Morning

If you are wanting to fully register a child in a 2nd division, please email the name, team name and division you are wanting them to join and we will place them in on the system. Must be already registered to a junior team for that day.

Example – A boy that is playing in under 12 boys team and is also playing in under 14 Redbacks rep team.

Example – Playing 12 girls and 12 mixed

FairPlay Voucher

If you are wanting to register using a fairplay voucher, email the signed voucher to admin@rockytouch.com. With the email tell us the team and division you are wishing to sign up to. You will then register into the team Fairplay voucher using step 2 from above. Rocky Touch will then place you into your team/s.