Referee Allocations


If you are a ref and we have accidentally left you off our list or if you would like to ref please message Rocky Touch on 0409631633. Please check with Seann on the night after you ref a game to make sure your name is on the ref payment sheet.

Wed 27 OCT Draw –
Team Refs – Bucks A Ladies, Prime Time A Ladies, Crushers A men, Prime Time A men, Bucks A men, Rebels A men, Enterprise, Bulldogs
F1 Relos V RGGS White – D Lad – G Lynch / BUDDY NEEDED
F2 Touch Not Tag V RGGS Navy – D Lad – B Bloomfield / BUDDY NEEDED
F3 Buckaneers V Prime Time – A Lad – M McGrath / G Stubbs
F4 Rebels V Crushers – A Lad – H Walters / M Callow
F5 Rebels Black V RGS Opens– B Men – S Anderson / S Radloff
F6 Crushers V Rebels Purple – B Men – R Stanfield / M Schneider
F7 Buckaneers Green V Prime Time – B Men – M Fletcher / Bulldogs
F1 Flashbacks V RGS 13G – C Lad – D Gleich / Bucks A Ladies
F2 Can’t Touch This V Yippee Try Yay – C Lad – Prime Time A Ladies / G Lynch
F3 Bulldogs V Nobs – Mast – M Callow / B Bloomfield
F4 Hawks V Rocky Topics – Mast – J Druery / G Stubbs
F5 Buckaneers V Dirty Dozen – Mast – R Stanfield / R Gleich
F6 Chokers V Allnighters – Mast – M Fletcher / C Gear
F7 Phantoms V Sharkies – Mast – C Harvey / H Walters
F1 Rebels V Bazinga – B Lad – C Gear / S Alley
F2 RGS OG V RGS 15G – B Lad – G Stubbs / M Callow
F3 Crushers V RGGS Gold – B Lad – T Gear / G Lynch
F4 Buckaneers V Crushers– A Men – M Manning / R Gleich / Rebels A men
F5 Magpies V Prime Time – B Lad – R Stanfield / J Druery
F6 Phantoms & Sons V RGS 15B – C Men – C Baynton / S Minter
F7 Flamingos V Emmaus 13B – C Men – Prime Time A men / BUDDY NEEDED
F1 Purple Cobras V BBS – D Lad – G Lynch / BUDDY NEEDED
F2 Rangers V Nailtails – D Men – R Stanfield / BUDDY NEEDED
F3 Bombers V Sloths– D Men – J Druery / BUDDY NEEDED
F4 Rebels V Prime Time – A Men – Crushers A men / Bucks A men
F5 Sharkies V PA Pirates – D Men – S Radloff / BUDDY NEEDED
F6 Sandstormers V Dirty Veebs – D Men – Enterprise / BUDDY NEEDED
Byes – Buckaneers Blue, Magpies MAA
Forfeits –

A huge thank you to our players who have been stepping up to volunteer for reffing duties on both Monday and Wednesday nights.  Your assistance is very welcome and much appreciated.