Junior Draw



The Junior Touch Grand Finals will be played on Friday 20th November and Saturday 21st November.





F1 (14 girls)  RGGS v Rebels
F2 (14 boys)  Rebels Black v Mixed Nuts
F3 (14 girls)  Crushers v Bulls
F4 (14 boys)  Wildcats v Rebels Purple
F5 (14 girls)  Magpies SA v RGS 15
F6 (14 boys)  Bulls v Magpies JJ



F1 (6 years)  (A)  St Peters Stars v RGS Tigers

(6 years)  (B)  St Peters Suns v RGS Broncos

F2 (6 years)  (A)  St Marys Possums v SJW Stingers
F5 (8 girls)    (A)  St Peters Diamonds v Magpies EM

(8 girls)    (B)  St Marys Koalas v Super Stars

F8 (6 years)  (A)  Rebels Purple v Magpies BL

(6 years)  (B)  Rebels Black v St Marys Kookaburras

F9 (6 years)  (A)  St Pauls Monkeys v Magpies SV

(8 girls)    (B)  RGGS v St Peters Cosmo

F10 (6 years)  (A)  Caves Ewoks v RGS Knights

(8 girls)    (B)  Magpies RE v RGS Stars

8.40 am

F1 (8 years)  (A)  St Peters Blasts v Magpies PG

(8 years)  (B)  Wolfpack v Devils

F2 (8 years)  (A)  St Marys Emus v Rebels Black

(8 years)  (B)  RGS Cowboys v St Pauls Tigers

F5 (10 girls)  (A)  Crushers v St Marys Dingoes

(10 girls)  (B)  St Marys Echidnas v Magpies DL

F6 (10 girls)  (B)  St Peters Cyclones v RGS Storm
F7 (10 girls)  (A)  Magpies A & R v St Pauls Stars
F8 (8 years)  (A)  St Peters Fire v SJW Vipers

(8 years)  (B)  St Peters Rockets v RGS Warriors

F9 (10 girls)  (A)  Magpies KG v Rebels Purple

(8 years)  (B)  St Pauls Panthers v St Marys Platypuses

F10 (8 years)  (A)  Caves Storm Troopers v Rebels Purple

(10 girls)  (B)  Caves Padmes v RGGS

BYES: Rebels Black (10 girls):

9.20 am

F1 (10 boys)  (A)  Young Devils v Magpies WB

(10 boys)  (B)  St Marys Tree Frogs v RGS Titans

F2 (10 boys)  (A)  Rebels Purple v Magpies G & T

(10 boys)  (B)  St Peters Asteroids v Devils Black

F3 (10 boys)  (A)  Crushers v Magpies TM

(10 boys)  (B)  St Pauls Comets v Devils Red

F5 (12 girls)         RGS Lightning v Crushers
F6 (12 girls)         Rebels Purple v Crushers Yellow
F7 (12 girls)         Magpies TG v RGGS
F8 (12 girls)         St Peters Constellations v Rebels Black
F9 (12 girls)         Magpies Orange v Magpies AC
F10 (10 boys)  (A)  Caves Padawans v Rebels Black

(10 boys)  (B)  Wolfpack v RGS Raiders

BYES: St Pauls Lightning (12 Girls)


F1 (10 mixed) (A)  St Pauls Rockets v St Marys Crocodiles
F3 (10 mixed)  (A)  RGS Red v Rebels Black
F9 (10 mixed)  (A)  RGS Black v Rebels Purple
F10 (10 mixed)  (A)  St Peters Lightning v Caves Wookies

10:40 am

F1 (12 boys)   Brothers v Magpies SW
F3 (12 boys)   Rebels Purple v Devils
F4 (12 boys)   Rebels White v Bulldogs
F5 (12 boys)   Young Devils v RGS Falcons
F7 (12 boys)   St Peters Dynamite v Frenchville Thunder
F9 (12 boys)    Rebels Black v Magpies LDB
F10 (12 boys)   Caves Jedis v Wolfpack

11.20 am

F1 (12 mixed)   Young Devils v RGS White
F3 (12 mixed)   Devils v Rebels Black
F7 (12 mixed)   RGS Gold v Crushers
F9 (12 mixed)   Rebels Purple v St Peters TNT

BYE: St Marys Bearded Dragons (12 mixed):